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Our Mission

My Goal is to make art fun for both Adults and Kids.  Teaching all to express themselves and letting go of what is right and wrong.  Everyone can learn to be an artist even if you have never painted or have drawn before.  Following step by step and learn techniques along the way and before you know it you will be creating something special.  Art Education for homeschool and students in general is very important. It works a different part of our brains and can help with creative thinking.  So if you are unable to get to an art class let me help teach your kids to be creative.  Thank you Tina Bourassa


Our art classes

Our Programs are based on art Fundamentals.  We learn these fundamentals while having fun. As a homeschool mom and art teacher I knew there was a need for online curriculum based art classes.  Art is an important part of a child’s development.  The world as we know it cannot exist without art.  So, come along with me on this Art journey and learn the basics while having fun. 

Check out our free lesson video's below.

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Free Kindergarten to Grade 3 Lesson

In these grades Students will learn shapes and proportions.  Forms of the shapes and overlapping will be studied.   We will work on Unity, and create harmony.  Studying the Colour wheel.  Emphasising on the importance colour plays in art.  We will study the elements through mixed media covering drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and fabric arts.  Each month you will receive 4 lessons and each month will have different lessons. 

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Free Grades 4 to 6 lesson

Students will study natural forms they can reveal many different structures.  Students will work on designing objects as well as learning to draw objects using smaller increments.  They will start to learn and develop their own style.  We will look at perspective and viewpoints. Students will learn to put Emphasis into their work, and create unity.  Mixed medium will be looked at drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and fabric arts.  

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Free Junior High video Lesson

Students will record using simple units, identify line value and texture, as well as expression will be explored.  They will experiment with colour now focusing in on the colour wheel and how the colours work together in a composition.  They will put together their own composition while studying dimensions, one and two point perspective. Art will look more realistic as they show refection, and depiction of a composition.  They will learn about communication through art.


Free High School Video Lesson

Through art fundamentals students learn to advance their skills.  Students will learn to express and communicate social and world views through their art.  We expand on the variety of styles in art by studying the masters.  Students will be expected to express their point of view.  We will look more about illustration and Graphic design elements, and how they are used today.  Students will learn to analyze art and give constructive criticism. 

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”
— Bob Ross